This foundation was created with the sole purpose of helping people live successfully in theirs, through different avenues of whichever way needed and necessary.

Since 2014 the mission of TLBF has been to improve the everyday lifestyle of others through service, education and encouragement while focusing on mental wellness by personal purpose development with community partnerships.


Seemingly the vision for the foundation is to be the leader in quality community service, inspire the next generation to help create a place of healing and to live better on purpose with purpose. 

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The Live Better Foundation LLC

Teacher's Aide


We are back again helping teachers fill their classrooms without emptying their wallets.  
As each new school year approaches, there are thousands of backpack, school supply and clothing supply drives for students around the nation.
Although school supplies are essential at every level of education, there should be a critical concern for the very influential people who educate our children day after day...the teachers!
Of course by now we all know the teachers are tremendously underpaid but to make matters worse teachers are using their own resources and coming out of pocket to supply their classrooms because of the lack of funding from school districts.
I know that we can join together and help aide our teachers who give so much to our children daily. So with that being said this platform will be used to do exactly that be a TEACHER'S AIDE.
Please help us in being the best aide we can be with a donation of any amount.


Here is where you can help the teachers teach our future.
It doesn't have to be much but something is better than nothing.