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About Me

KB Strawder Jr. is the Founder and CEO of Live Better Inc., a company birthed from a prayer and his desire to find his own purpose in life. After working over 15 jobs before the age of 20, KB enlisted in the United States Air Force quickly excelling in rank as a police officer. But not knowing that the next series of years in his life would bring him unbelievable hardship with family, friends, love, health, and his faith in God. 


With a clear and simple mission of helping to inspire others, KB Strawder Jr. is a proud motivational speaker that is known for making a memorable impact with his ability to connect to the mental status of his listeners. His unique comedic approach combined with exceptional guidance and contagious enthusiasm makes him perfect for a large variety of audiences and events. By providing the right motivating tools and knowledge, KB has helped countless people unleash their potential, find their purpose, and continues to pave the way towards both personal and professional success worldwide.

Executive Business Coaching

Inspired by life's experiences and personal business success, KB has become a talented and skilled coach who knows how to get an organization motivated and inspired to be great. With a focus on facing challenges while identifying opportunities, your audience will be fully engaged throughout the process of learning successful business strategies that will guarantee positive results.

Leadership Development

KB builds a successful leadership program and brings experience that dives into the needs of your audience. With years of training under multiple powerful and successful entrepreneurial business leaders, KB has proven to be dedicated to the leadership development of all generations. Packed with practical tips, useful skills and a dynamic interaction people will gain a positive mindset along with a desire to put their newfound knowledge into action for their purpose.

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