About Me

KB Strawder Jr. has become a passionate and dedicated public speaker, radio/tv personality, business consultant, and author. Raised with an overpowering work ethic, he entered the workforce at 15 years old working over 15 jobs before the age of 20. He then enlisted in the United States Air Force where he quickly excelled in ranks as a Military Police Officer. Unbeknownst to him, the next several of years in his life would bring about unbelievable hardship with family, friends, love, health, and his faith in God. As a result, he transitioned out of the military with great frustration from the lack of stability in his life; he prayed for his PURPOSE so that he could LIVE BETTER.


In the midst of facing difficult circumstances KB started Live Better Inc., a company birthed from his desire to find his own purpose in life and to show others how to live purposeful lives. His company provides materials, workshops, and personal/professional development programs geared towards individuals, companies, and organizations helping people find their passion to LIVE BETTER for their PURPOSE in life. These days being a full-time entrepreneur has blessed him to travel across the nation speaking, teaching, and preaching to generations of people from within the school systems, churches, colleges, and the corporate world.


His entrepreneurship has thrived from offering services of life coaching, public speaking, business consulting, scholarship giveaways, community partnerships, and REAL TALK seminar sessions that help promote ways to deal with and overcome the tumultuous, troubling issues of life. Nationally named the top 10 of 30 speakers and business entrepreneurs, KB is best known for his ability to deliver messages of true meaning while utilizing powerful delivery and providing new insights to teach on multiple topics of discussion in the everyday purposes of life. His message is simple: “Find your purpose to serve, not just a lifestyle to live.” It’s about purpose being a priority, serving with inspiring passion, maintaining perseverance in every circumstance, and helping to change lives for the better.

KB has also launched The Live Better Foundation, KB Strawder Enterprises, KB Strawder Ministries and Yes Sir (a young men's mentorship program) as well as a few other businesses. His motivational Live Better Apparel is available via his website. Soon to come are e-books, daily devotionals, and an entrepreneurship summit. His first of four published book series will be released in 2022. KB currently resides in Houston, Texas.